Dungeons 2 Update 1.5.2

Free “A Clash of Pumpkins” DLC:

  • Three Halloween motto battle cards: “Island of Horror”, “Ghost Forest”, and “Killer Penguins!”
  • Hero costume variants for the Halloween cards:
    • “Pikemen” are dressed up as “Soldiers”
    • “Elven Archers” are dressed up as “Elven Magi”
    • “Dwarven Warriors” are dressed up as “Cannon Dwarves”
    • “Penguins” are dressed up as “Snowball-Throwing Penguins”, “Batting Penguins”, “Kamikaze Penguins”, and as a “Penguin King”

Improvements in “A Game of Winter”:

  • Nosferatu and Grimlin now perform their duties in the graveyard
  • Greater space efficiency in the graveyard now has a positive instead of a negative influence on resurrection times
  • Resurrection times in graveyard are now shorter
  • Researching “Drink Blood” for leeches had no effect
  • The “Gruesome Bear” fear skill visual FX for were broken
  • Leeches were not counted in the population overview
  • Damaged creatures without a need for a Final Resting Place defiled all available resting places by mistake
  • Clay pots will now no longer appear outside the player dungeon when skeletons are teleported using the “The Undead Are Here!” spell when carrying them.
  • Minor text errors corrected: “Strong Leeches” and “Insidious Leeches” research options did not show the research level; description of “Final Resting Place” suggested that each creature would build its own resting place
  • Special SSAO flickering effect for ice surfaces has now been reduced
  • Visual FX of the right Undead throne room treasure chamber did not work for certain fill levels
  • “The North Forgets”: Floor areas now cave in
  • “The North Forgets”: The area that can be walked into at gold mine entrance has now been corrected
  • “The North Forgets”: A decorative guard has now been removed to give Barthas slightly more space to work
  • “The Fall of the Wall”: Floor areas now cave in
  • “The Fall of the Wall”: Entrance area of the gold mine now adjusted in order to improve the chaos when a large number of units enter
  • “Death Becomes You”: Dragon Lizards placed in pre-existing spawner building
  • “Don’t Let Go!”: Worker troop interval will now never fall below eight minutes
  • “Splashing in the Fountain of Youth”: Visual FX of an Ent skill was broken
  • “Splashing in the Fountain of Youth”: Spiders and Dragon Lizards now attack the throne room when they are attacked
  • “Summiteers”: Overlapping of palisade wall with cliff has now been corrected
  • “Summiteers”: Dialogs in closing sequence after defeat can now be heard properly
  • “The Ultimate Evil”: Meltysand is now asked not to leave the ritual site during the ritual
  • “The Ultimate Evil”: Dialog was missing when Meltysand was resurrected for the first time
  • “The Siege of New King’s Ending”: Battle actions are now disabled at the end of the map
  • “Plains of Elsa”: Dragon Lizard room is now removed when all Dragon Lizards are dead
  • “Plains of Elsa”, “Hero’s Tomb”: Meltysand now returns to her original position after fights and can no longer be lured too far away

Overall improvements:

  • Saved games from version v1.4.1 or older could no longer be loaded with version v1.5 in some cases
  • Effect area of area traps has now been increased slightly so that even the smallest penguin can now no longer sneak past them
  • Surface decoration objects sometimes had the wrong texture and shading
  • Certain texts which were cut off are now displayed in full
  • Damaged doors are now displayed correctly after a game is loaded
  • Horde creatures can now also be further upgraded to better creatures even when the maximum level has been reached
  • Toolbox icon for production in the Tinkerer’s Cave has now been reduced in size so that it can fit in the frame
  • Line spacing of subtitle text has now been increased slightly for better legibility in certain languages
  • Subtitle portrait was displayed in the wrong position for one frame
  • Minimap positions were displayed incorrectly for one frame when different entrances were used
  • Malakay now has a name and a description in his details window
  • “Occupy Wall Street!”: Floor height during Malaky event is now correct

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